What’s Abrikos?

  • Abrikos Solar is your home solar systems from the box.
  • Three products for different types of your needs:
  • It’s ready-to-use solutions with the done engineering work as it includes all needed components, such as:
    • PV-modules
    • inverters
    • batteries
    • mounting systems and wiring
  • It’s easy to choose, easy to install
  • It’s cost effective because of:
    • reduction of electricity costs: ¢0/kWh instead of ¢12/kWh for 25 years life time
    • income $2000 per year ($13,3/kWh) by Feed-In tariff for 10 years
    • one-time costs
  • Does not require any special knowledge for use

Abrikos means Apricot in Danish. So, enjoy our sweet & juicy product 😉